Pohutukawa VI


Mondiale VGL Group

Sector: Freight logistics
Where: New Zealand 
About: Established in 1989, Mondiale is a global operation with offices across New Zealand, Australia, China and the Philippines, complemented by a global network of long-standing agents. 

POP Group Holdings

Sector: Insurance
Where: Australia
About: Established in 2018, POP Group is a specialist Australian insurer. 

Hiway Group

Sector: Transport infrastructure
Where: NZ, Australia
About: Since 1986 Hiway has been a leading provider of specialist stabilization and geotechnical ground improvement solutions for the transport infrastructure sector. 

Wet & Forget Group

Sector: Manufacturing & Distribution
Where: NZ
About: Established 30 years ago, Wet & Forget is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of outdoor and indoor household cleaning products The business has expanded the range to approximately 30 unique products.