Where will my money be invested?

Pohutukawa’s investment focus will be on the provision of capital to established businesses with strong growth opportunities and the ability to generate sustainable positive cash flows.

Pohutukawa will look to invest in a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, service, consumer products, distribution, tourism, food, agribusiness and retail.

How are the investments selected?

Pohutukawa has developed investment criteria to guide the Manager and ensure that it builds a portfolio of investments that are diversified in terms of sector, stage or development and location.

What are my risks?

The principal risk is the loss of subscription money in part or whole by an Investor, or an Investor not receiving returns.

General risks include:

  • Macroeconomic factors – including domestic and international economic forces, which are beyond the control of the Manager.
  • Country risk – businesses in which Pohutukawa invests may have operations outside New Zealand and Australia; or exports to a number of countries. This presents political, sovereign and regulatory risk.
  • Currency risk – some investee companies will have revenues generated outside NZ. Currency fluctuations could impact.
  • Legislation – changes in legislation or Government policy, including tax, accounting and the environment could have an impact on business operations.
  • Further investee company specific risks are outlined in the prospectus.

What are the fees / charges?

The manager for Pohutukawa I & II is paid an annual management fee based on 2.25% (+ GST) of Committed Capital until all capital has been called or the date five years from the date of allotment under the Offer, and then 2.25 % (+ GST) based on Invested Capital.

The application fee for Pohutukawa II was 2% of the total issue price of the Shares payable by investors to the Lead Manager upon application.

Can I sell my investment?

Investors may sell their Shares to another person (subject to the discretion of the Directors). However there is unlikely to be an established market for such sales. Craigs Investment Partners will endeavour to assist Share transfers where appropriate. See Buying & Selling on the Secondary Market.

How long do I need to hold my investment before selling?

There is no set time frame for holding your Pohutukawa shares, however you should be aware that private equity investments are long term and returns will be lumpy and no significant distributions are expected to be paid out in the first three years after the closing date of the fund.

Can I transfer my shares to someone else?

Share transfers are subject to Board approval. In certain circumstances the Board may decline the transfer if for example the transfer were to negatively impact on Pohutukawa’s tax position.

The offer has closed, can I still invest in Pohutukawa shares?

Craigs Investment Partners Limited facilitates a secondary market for Pohutukawa shares. Should you wish to purchase shares you will need to contact your investment adviser to discuss the risks entailed in private equity investing. For further details see Buying & Selling on the Secondary Market.

How long before I get a return on my investment? (investment timeline & returns)

Distributions by Pohutukawa will be lumpy and investors should not expect any significant distributions during the first three years after the closing date of the fund. There are no promised returns to investors nor is there specified frequencies, nor specified dates for liquidations, repayments or capital and/or payments of dividends.

When are distributions paid? / How are they paid?

There is no specified frequency, nor are there any specified dates for liquidations, repayments of capital and/or payments of dividends. When payments are made they will paid by direct credit to your nominated bank account as supplied on your application. Cheques will not be issued.

What is the value of my investment?

See Current Market Prices or the latest Pohutukawa report to shareholders.

How can I obtain further information on Pohutukawa? How do I obtain a prospectus?

Before choosing to invest in Pohutukawa I/II please contact your investment adviser to discuss private equity investing and the risks entailed.

Both offers have closed, however you can access further information on private equity investing by requesting a copy of the Pohutukawa I or II Prospectus & Investment Statement.

Please email your request for a copy of the Pohutukawa I or II Prospectus & Investment Statement to enquiries@pohutukawafund.co.nz

Who do I advise of any change in name/address/bank details?

To update details, you need to contact the Share Registry:

Enquiries can be directed to;
Private bag 92119, Auckland 1142
Telephone +64 9 488 8777

How do I contact the Manager to discuss any aspect of my Pohutukawa investment or the funds' investments?

Contact the Pohutukawa Manager by email at: enquiries@pohutukawafund.co.nz

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