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1 September 2017  

Pohutukawa V  - Investment News

Our investment manager Direct Capital has confirmed two investments for Direct Capital V. 

AS Colour Holdings Limited  - Direct Capital V acquired a minority cornerstone shareholding in AS Colour from founder and Managing Director Lawrence Railton, who retains a majority stake. 

Complectus Limited  - To effect a recapitalisation of Complectus, Direct Capital V has invested into the group via a convertible loan facility.  Complectus represents the Perpetual Guardian group of companies



25 August 2017  

Pohutukawa II  - Sale of Energyworks

Our investment manager Direct Capital has advised that on the 21st August 2107, Dallas Chadwick, the former managing director of Energyworks announced he had purchased 100% of Energyworks from Direct Capital IV, Pohutukawa II and three current or former executives of the company.