Pohutukawa I Investments

Pohutukawa I Investments



Stratex Group

Investment Date: 2007
Development Stage: MBO
Ownership interest: Pohutukawa 32.8% | Direct Capital 83.2%
Sector: Packaging-laminates
Where: New Zealand
About: Stratex is a manufacturer of specialty base film and paper packaging materials used in the packaging industry. The company laminates varying combinations of paper, foil and film bases with polymer resins and adhesives to produce complex base materials used across a wide range of food packaging and industrial applications.




Investment Date: 2009
Development Stage: Expansion
Ownership interest: Pohutukawa 4.5% | Direct Capital 12.0%
Sector: Online retailer
Where: New Zealand
About: Fishpond is Australasia’s largest local online retailer, offering a selection of more than 13 million products, including books, toys, games, music, movies, and health and beauty products amongst others.


Realised investments

Pohutukawa I has realised the following investments to date:

Rodd And Gunn

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